Call Number (LC) Title Results
KZ6385 .W45 1984 War crimes and laws of war / 1
KZ6385 .W56 1988 International law and the use of force by national liberation movements / 1
KZ6385 .W67 1944 Collection of international war damage claims : a practical guide for laymen and lawyers to the kinds of war damage claims that may be brought, the rules which govern their allowance, the methods of presentation, proof and determination, with particular regard to the treatment of claims after world war II / 1
KZ6396 .C33 1989 From warism to pacifism : a moral continuum / 1
KZ6396 .K46 2006 Of war and law / 1
KZ6396 .M45 1975 Concepts of just war / 1
KZ6397 .G93 1984 Guerilla and international humanitarian law 1
KZ6397 .I57 1996 The international dimensions of internal conflict / 1
KZ6397 .L53 1983 Lieber's Code and the law of war / 1
KZ6397 .M36 1995 International organizations and civil wars / 1
KZ6397 .S84 1993 Stopping the killing : how civil wars end / 1
KZ6397 .S88 1984 An international law of guerrilla warfare : the global politics of law-making / 1
KZ6398 .H34 1988 East-West conflict and European neutrality / 1
KZ6404 .B57 1933 No more war on foreign investments; a Kellogg pact for private property, 1
KZ6404 .D65 1943 Trading with the enemy in World War II 1
KZ6404 .M35 1958 Legal effect of World War II on treaties of the United States 1
KZ6405.M47 .W37 2011 War by contract : human rights, humanitarian law, and private contractors / 1
KZ6419 .D4 1939 A collection of neutrality laws, regulations and treaties of various countries, 1
KZ6421 .F45 1913 The neutrality laws of the United States, 1
KZ6422 .N48 1945 Neutrality, its history, economics and law 1