Call Number (LC) Title Results
PN4888 .P75 .B6 1967 The penal press 1
PN4888 .R4R27 1963 The Religious press in America 1
PN4888.S6 N47 1994 Violence against the press : policing the public sphere in U.S. history / 1
PN5129.D57 D57 Diss express 1
PN6071 .L33 .F95 1947 Law in action, an anthology of the law in literature; 1
PN6071.L33 L34 1990 Law : a treasury of art and literature / 1
PN6071 .L4L84 1960 The world of law; a treasury of great writing about and in the law, short stories, plays, essays, accounts, letters, opinions, pleas, transcripts of testimony; from Biblical times to the present 1
PN6080 .M22 1824 A dictionary of select and popular quotations, which are in daily use: taken from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish and Italian languages: together with a copious collection of law-maxims and law-terms; translated into English, with illustrations historical and idiomatic. 1
PN6080 .O94 1991 The Oxford dictionary of modern quotations / 1
PN6080 .O94 2002 The Oxford dictionary of modern quotations / 1
PN6081 .An26 1989 The concise Columbia dictionary of quotations / 1
PN6081 .A45 1991 The Almanac of quotable quotes from 1990 / 1
PN6081 .A652 1993 The Columbia dictionary of quotations / 1
PN6081 .B27 1968 Familiar quotations; a collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature, 1
PN6081 .B342 1990 Quotation location : a quotation seeker's source guide / 1
PN6081 .B73 1962 Lifetime speaker's encyclopedia 1
PN6081 .G6352 1993 The Great quotations / 1
PN6081 .G636 1985 The Great thoughts / 1
PN6081 .M27 1989 The Macmillan dictionary of quotations 1
PN6081 .N48 1992 The New York Public Library book of twentieth-century American quotations / 1