John Fulton

John or Jack Fulton may refer to:

*John P. Fulton (1902–1965), American special effects supervisor and cinematographer *John Fulton (bullfighter) (1932–1998), American bullfighter *John Fulton (cricketer, born 1849) (1849–1908), New Zealand cricketer *John David "Dave" Fulton (born 1965), New Zealand cricketer *John Fulton (footballer) (1890–1926), Scottish footballer *John Fulton (instrument maker) (1803–1853), Scottish maker of Orrerys *John Fulton (writer) (born 1967), American author *John H. Fulton (1792–1836), United States congressman from Virginia *John Edwin Fulton (1869–1945), Seventh-day Adventist missionary to Fiji *John Farquhar Fulton (1899–1960), American neurophysiologist and historian of science *John Fulton (priest) (1834–1907), Episcopal priest with ''The Living Church'', writer, lecturer, journalist *John Fulton, Baron Fulton (1902–1986), British university administrator and public servant *John A. Fulton (1769–1845), mayor of Chillicothe, Ohio *John Hamilton Fulton (1869–1927), president of National Park Bank *John Russell Fulton (1896–1979), painter-illustrator *John Fulton, American TV host and cat behaviorist, best known for the TV series ''Must Love Cats'' and ''Cats 101'' *Jackie Fulton (born 1963), wrestler *Jack Fulton, founder of frozen food retailer Fulton's Foods *Jack Fulton (1903–1993), singer, trombone player and composer Provided by Wikipedia
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