Solo lawyer by design : a plan for success in any practice /

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Main Author: Bauer, Gary P.
Corporate Author: American Bar Association. Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division
Format: Book
Published: Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division, 2017
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Table of Contents:
  • Why this book? Some preliminary matters
  • Why should you listen to me?
  • Why you shouldn't listen to me
  • Your chances of going solo are greater than you might think
  • The dilemmas law students face when deciding to practice solo
  • So what are you afraid of? Your greatest fear may be success
  • Two who made the plunge (Sarah/Alex)
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • What really matters : the six characteristics of successful solos
  • Time management
  • Grades matter, but your success in practice will not be measured by your GPA
  • Blinding the judge with your brilliance : it is all about being prepared
  • Lawyer? Attorney? What is the difference?
  • What area of law should I practice?
  • On second thought, not such a good idea ...
  • Rural practice : maybe you should look outside the crowded legal suppliers market
  • Card-table lawyer : keeping your overhead low
  • Should I work from my home?
  • You may be able to earn more than you think as a solo
  • How to get more out of law school
  • How do I find/make my first job?
  • Exploring your possible options, putting everything in context, and understanding the rudiments of the legal profession
  • A recommended timeline to put you on the path to success
  • Understanding your best options. Start early : build your practice while still in law school
  • Get out there during your first year in law school
  • Continue your investigation and interviews with local attorneys
  • Write, write, write
  • Prepare to pass the bar exam
  • Sell the sizzle, not the steak : part 1
  • Sell the sizzle, not the steak : part 2
  • Is a niche practice in your future?
  • Carnegie skills
  • Uber into law : access docs from anywhere
  • Wholesale versus retail : keep your eye on the ball and expand your reach and influence
  • Would you buy a car without wheels? Understand what you are selling : it isn't paper
  • Cost-effective mediocrity : make sure you invest your money wisely in marketing your firm
  • Do-it-yourself lawyering and how it might go awry
  • Dog in a basket : one more way to think about how to sell your service and close the sale
  • Your tiger team : one way to expand your sphere of influence with greater efficiency
  • Why aren't you going paperless?
  • Not enough time for your Ferrari? Maybe outsourcing help is more efficient
  • Why your next hire might come from Starbucks
  • Can't take notes? One tip on efficient and passive note-taking
  • Google Scholar and other free research sources : do you still need a large library for legal research?
  • Disaster preparedness : your duty and obligation
  • How should I organize my business?
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Student debt management
  • Litigation : is that the answer for your clients?
  • Barriers to communication : learn to listen effectively
  • Client honesty : don't let the client's problem become your problem
  • Cow in the house? Malpractice? Fess up
  • The world is pass/fail
  • Is your client a twenty footer? A hard lesson to learn : when to turn away business
  • In and out : avoid bias when assessing clients' communication
  • Some final words : the dirty dozen tips for solos