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Other Authors: Lempert, Richard O. (Editor)
Format: Book
Published: New York, NY : Foundation Press : Thomson/West, 2006
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Table of Contents:
  • Green felt jungle : the story of People v. Collins (FRE 403: probabilistic evidence) / George Fisher
  • Death of a youth and of a drunkard : a remarkable story of habit and character in New Jersey (State of New Jersey v. Radziwil; FREs: 404 & 406 character and habit) / Peter Tillers
  • United States v. Woods : a story of the triumph of tradition (FRE: 404(b) : character evidence exceptions : similar circumstances) / Edward Imwinkelried
  • Of misshapen stones and compromises : Michelson and the modern law of character evidence (Michelson v. United States ; FRE 405 : cross-examination of character witnesses) / Christopher Mueller
  • Story of rule 410 and United States v. Mezzanatto : using plea statements at trial (FRE 410: waiver of protection)
  • Story of Swidler & Berlin v. United States : death and the privilege (FRE 501: attorney client privilege : survival after the client's death) / Kenneth Broun
  • Story of Upjohn v. United States : One man's journey to extend lawyer-client confidentiality, and the social forces that affected it (FRE 501: attorney-client privilege : applicability to corporations) / Paul Rothstein
  • Daubert trilogy and the law of expert testimony (Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharm., Inc.; General Elec. Co. v. Joiner; Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael; FRE 702: The judge's role as "gatekeeper") / Paul Giannelli
  • People v. Castro : challenging the forensic use of DNA evidence (FRE 702; 703: scientific evidence) / Jennifer Mnookin
  • Story of Mahlandt v. Wild Canid Survival & Research Center, Inc.: e[n]counters of three different kinds (FRE 801(d)(2) : admissions) / Eleanor Swift
  • Mutual Life Insurance Company v. Hillmon 145 U.S. 285 (1892) / Justice Gray
  • Hillmon Case, the Supreme Court and the McGuffin (FRE 803(3) : statements of existing mental conditions/intent) / Marianne Wesson
  • Wisdom of Dallas County (Dallas County v. Commercial Union Assurance Company; FRE 807 : residual exception) / Dale Nance
  • Story of Crawford (Crawford v. United States : confrontation) / Richard D. Friedman
  • Chambers v. Mississippi : a new justice meets an old style southern verdict (compulsory process, due process) / Stephan Landsman