The Nuremberg Trials : international criminal law since 1945 = Die Nürnberger Prozesse : völkerstrafrecht seit 1945 /

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Other Authors: Reginbogin, Herbert R, Safferling, Christoph Johannes Maria, 1971-
Format: Book
Published: München : K.G. Saur, 2006
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245 0 4 |a The Nuremberg Trials :  |b international criminal law since 1945 = Die Nürnberger Prozesse : völkerstrafrecht seit 1945 /  |c on behalf of Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, edited by Herbert R. Reginbogin, Christoph J.M. Safferling, in collaboration with Walter R. Hippel 
246 3 1 |a Nürnberger Prozesse : völkerstrafrecht seit 1945 
260 |a München :  |b K.G. Saur,  |c 2006 
300 |a 320 p. ;  |c 24 cm 
500 |a "60th Anniversary International Conference." 
500 |a Presentations from an international conference called "Judging Nuremberg: the Laws, the Rallies, the Trials: Returning to Courtroom 600 on the 60th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials," held in Nuremberg, summer 2005 
500 |a In English and German; English articles summarized in German, German articles summarized in English 
505 0 0 |a The American perspective on Nuremberg: a case of cascading ironies /  |r Raymond M. Brown --The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg: British perspectives /  |r David Cesarani --The French perspective /  |r Hervé Ascensio --The role of the Soviet Union in the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg /  |r Michael J. Bazyler --The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg from a German perspective /  |r Albin Eser --A Jewish lobby at Nuremberg: Jacob Robinson and the Institute of Jewish Affairs, 1945-46 /  |r Michael R. Marrus --Genocide on trial: law and collective memory /  |r Donald Bloxham --The Role and rights of victims at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal /  |r Sam Garkawe --History and memory in the courtroom: reflections on perpetrator trials /  |r Lawrence Douglas --Tyranny on trial--trial of major German war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946 /  |r Whitney R. Harris -- Confronting "crimes against humanity", from Leipzig to the Nuremberg Trials /  |r Herbert R. Reginbogin --In retrospect: Nazi Party, the rallies, the racial laws /  |r Klaus Kastner --"One good man": the Jacksonian shape of Nuremberg /  |r John Q. Barrett --The Nuremberg Trials and American jurisprudence: the decline of legal realism and the revival of natural law /  |r Rodger D. Citron --The Einsatzgruppen Trial /  |r Benjamin Ferencz --The Doctors' Trial at Nuremberg /  |r Louise Harmon --The Jurists' trial and lessons for the rule of law /  |r Harry Reicher --The Role of German industry: from individual criminal responsibility of some to a broadly shared responsibility for compensatory payments /  |r Roland Bank --Military justice: war crimes trials in the American Zone of occupation in Germany, 1945-1947 /  |r Lisa Yavnai --Between law and politics: the prosecution of NS-criminals in the two German states after 1945 /  |r Hinrich Rüping --The Normalization of Nazi crime in postwar West German trials /  |r Rebecca Wittmann --Genocide (Holocaust) trials in Israel /  |r Gabriel Bach --A Summary of the history of Nazi war crime trials in Australia /  |r Greg James --Germany and international criminal law: continuity or change? /  |r Claus Kress --The International Criminal Court: key features and current challenges /  |r Hans-Peter Kaul --The Legacy of Nuremberg /  |r Anne Bayefsky --Nuremberg, justice and the beast of impunity /  |r Wanda M. Akin --The Judicial legacy of Nuremberg--the statute of the International Military Tribunal of Nuremberg and the International Criminal Court /  |r Andreas Zimmermann --Enforcement of Nuremberg norms: the role for mechanisms other than the ICC /  |r Dan Derby --War reparations, the Holocaust, and the ICC /  |r Roger P. Alford --The plot to kill Hitler: July 20, 1944 and the story of the German resistance movement /  |r Winfried Heinemann --Totalitarian regimes: a comparative analysis of national socialism and the German Democratic Republic /  |r Joachim Gauck --Liberating perspectives /  |r Robert Wolfson 
650 0 |a Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946 
650 0 |a War crime trials 
650 0 |a Nuremberg War Crime Trials, Nuremberg, Germany, 1946-1949 
650 0 |a International offenses 
650 0 |a Crimes against humanity 
700 1 |a Reginbogin, Herbert R 
700 1 |a Safferling, Christoph Johannes Maria,  |d 1971- 
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