The case of Terri Schiavo : ethics at the end of life /

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Other Authors: Caplan, Arthur L, McCartney, James J, Sisti, Dominic A
Format: Book
Published: Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2006
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245 0 4 |a The case of Terri Schiavo :  |b ethics at the end of life /  |c edited by Arthur L. Caplan, James J. McCartney, and Dominic A. Sisti ; foreword by Jay Wolfson 
260 |a Amherst, N.Y. :  |b Prometheus Books,  |c 2006 
300 |a 352 p. ;  |c 23 cm 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references 
505 0 |a pt. 1. Setting the stage -- Introduction -- The preservation of life / Charles J. McFadden -- The percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube : medical and ethical issues in placement / Floyd Angus, Robert Burakoff -- Permanent loss of consciousness : expert opinion and community standards / Fred Plum -- United States Supreme Court : Cruzan, by her parents and co-guardians / Cruzan et ux. v. Director, Missouri Department of Health, et al. -- The Wendland case, withdrawing life support from incompetent patients who are not terminally ill / Bernard Lo ... [et al.] -- Diagnosing the permanent vegetative state / Ronald Cranford -- 
505 0 |a pt. 2. Florida controversies -- Introduction -- Florida law (State statute) FL 765 : Healthcare advance directives -- Court of Appeals of Florida, Second District, Thomas E. Corbett v. the Honorable Joseph P. D'Alessandro -- In re : the guardianship of Theresa Schiavo, an incapacitated person / Richard L. Pearse Jr. -- Florida bishops urge safer course for Terri Schiavo / Catholic Bishops of Florida 2003 -- Continued concerns for Terri Schiavo / Catholic Bishops of Florida 2005 -- A report to Governor Jeb Bush and the 6th Judicial Circuit in the matter of Theresa Marie Schiavo / Jay Wolfson -- Guardian ad litem's report / Jeb Bush -- The law passed by the Florida legislature (In relation to the Schiavo case) Bill No. HB 35-E -- Supreme Court of Florida, Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, et al., appellants, v. Michael Schiavo, guardian of Theresa Schiavo, Appellee -- 
505 0 |a pt. 3. Federal controversies -- Introduction -- Congressional statements and actions related to the Schiavo case -- For the relief of the parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo, S. 686 -- President George W. Bush's statement on S. 686, allowing federal courts to hear claim of Terri Schiavo -- United States District Court, Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo incapacitated ex rel., Robert Schindler and Mary Schindler, her parents and next friends vs. Michael Schiavo, Judge George W. Greer and the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. -- United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo, incapacitated ex rel, Robert Schindler and Mary Schindler, her parents and next friends, plaintiff-appellant, versus Michael Schiavo, as guardian of the person of Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo, incapacitated, Judge George W. Greer, the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc., defendants-appellees -- The time has come to let Terri Schiavo die / Arthur L. Caplan -- Affidavit / William Polk Cheshire -- United States Supreme Court : order in pending case 04a825 Schiavo, Ex Rel. Schindler v. Schiavo, Michael, et al. -- Attorney shares experience, pain, in Michael Schiavo's defense / Jon B. Eisenberg -- 
505 0 |a pt. 4. Catholic controversies -- Introduction -- Feeding and hydrating the permanently unconscious and other vulnerable persons / William E. May ... [et al.] -- An interim pastoral statement of artificial nutrition and hydration / Bishops of Texas, Texas Conference of Catholic Health Facilities -- Nutrition and hydration : moral considerations / Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania -- Care of PVS patients : Catholic opinion in the United States / Kevin O'Rourke, Patrick Norris -- Reverence for human life / James McCartney -- To the participants in the International Congress on "Life-sustaining treatments and vegetative state : scientific advances and ethical dilemmas" / Pope John Paul II -- Implications of the Papal allocution on feeding tubes / Thomas A. Shannon, James J. Walter -- The Pope on PVS : does JPII's statement make the grade? / John F. Tuohey -- On the death of Terri Schiavo / Edward J. Furton -- 
505 0 |a pt. 5. The aftermath -- Introduction -- Our shining knights to the rescue / Norman L. Cantor -- The legacy of the Schiavo case / Thomas A. Shannon -- "Culture of life" politics at the bedside, the case of Terri Schiavo / George J. Annas -- After Terri Schiavo : why the disability rights movement spoke out, why some of us worried, and where do we go from here? / Mary Johnson -- Terri Schiavo, a tragedy compounded / Timothy E. Quill -- Report of autopsy / John R. Thogmartin -- Onward, moderate Christian soldiers / John C. Danforth -- At Schiavo's hospice, a return to routine / Ceci Connolly -- Case timeline 
600 1 0 |a Schiavo, Terri,  |d 1963-2005 
600 1 2 |a Schiavo, Terri,  |d 1963-2005 
650 0 |a Right to die  |x Moral and ethical aspects  |z United States  |v Case studies 
650 0 |a Terminal care  |x Moral and ethical aspects  |z United States  |v Case studies 
650 0 |a Medical ethics  |z United States  |v Case studies 
650 0 |a Coma  |x Patients  |z United States  |v Biography 
700 1 |a Caplan, Arthur L 
700 1 |a McCartney, James J 
700 1 |a Sisti, Dominic A 
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