Construction checklists : a guide to frequently encountered construction issues /

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Other Authors: Wilshusen, Fred D., 1957-, Berg, Eric A, Brookie, Terrence L
Format: Book
Published: Chicago : American Bar Association, c2008
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Table of Contents:
  • Stipulated sum contracts : owner's considerations / Daniel D. McMillan and Erich R. Luschei
  • Stipulated sum contracts : contractor's considerations / Stephen A. Hess
  • Cost-plus contracts : owner's considerations / Eric A. Berg
  • Cost-plus contracts : contractor's considerations / Stephen A. Hess
  • General conditions : owner's considerations / Daniel D. McMillan and Scott K. Behrendt
  • General conditions : contractor's considerations / Stephen A. Hess
  • EPC contracts : owner's considerations / Denise L. Nestel
  • Joint venture agreements / Bruce R. Gerhardt
  • Drafting dispute review board provisions / Daniel D. McMillan
  • Contractors taking an assignment of a trade/supply contract from owner / Amy Hobbs Lannone
  • Warranties : creation, enforceability, and assignability / Troy M. Miller
  • Protecting intellectual property rights / Rashida Y.V. MacMurray
  • Key issues for negotiating a liquidated damages clause / Jeffrey R. Jury
  • Waiver of subrogation / James E. Weatherholtz
  • Drafting and negotiating contractual indemnity agreements / Patrick J. Poff and Gregg E. Hutt
  • Limitation on liability clauses / Bruce R. Gerhardt
  • Defining basic and additional services / Fredrick J. Ludwig
  • Common issues in program development / Kenneth K. Wang
  • Complying with licensing and registration laws / Paul W. Berning and John W. Ralls
  • Available insurance and bonds / Terry J. Galganski
  • Risk allocation through insurance / David T. Kasper
  • Additional insured coverage / Terry J. Galganski
  • Builder's risk insurance / James E. Weatherholtz
  • Managing change orders / Scott C. Ryan
  • Pitfalls of the architect as contract administrator / Kenneth K. Wang
  • How owners can avoid litigation on construction projects / Steven B. Lesser and Michele C. Ammendola
  • Key provisions of a comprehensive lien release / Jeffrey R. Jury
  • Navigating the submittal process / Scott C. Ryan
  • Performance security : owner / Troy L. Harris
  • Payment security : contractor / Troy L. Harris
  • New file intake issues / Peter C. Halls
  • Termination : owner's considerations / Fred D. Wilshusen
  • Termination : contractor's considerations / Fred D. Wilshusen
  • Enforcing a liquidated damages clause / Melissa A. Orien
  • Considerations in suing an architect / Jeremy S. Baker
  • Replevin and recovery of materials from the job site / Ellie B. Word
  • General mechanic's lien procedure and protection / Daniel P. King
  • Preparing for an architect's deposition / Theodore D. Levin and Christian A. Carrillo
  • Preparing your witness for a deposition / Melissa A. Orien
  • Joint defense agreements / Ellie B. Word
  • Opening statements in construction cases / Clifford F. Kinney, Jr.
  • Closing arguments in construction cases / Clifford F. Kinney, Jr
  • Electronic demonstrative exhibits and presentations / Edward M. Josiah
  • Settlement agreements for construction disputes / Jeffrey R. Jury
  • Litigating intellectual property claims / Clark T. Thiel
  • Pursuing ADR / Eric A. Berg
  • Perfecting or pursuing a payment bond claim / Shannon J. Briglia
  • Owner's enforcement of a performance bond / Patricia H. Thompson
  • Performance bond claims : surety's considerations / Wm. Cary Wright
  • A surety's pursuit of coverage through the principal's insurance policies / Alfred A. Malena, Jr
  • Dealing with an OSHA inspection and citation / Michael G. Murphy
  • Dealing with OSHA regarding fatalities / Michael G. Murphy
  • Handling a "salting" campaign / Robert J. Orelup
  • Employer compliance with federal labor and employment laws / Kristine L. Cato
  • Ensuring jobsite harmony / Frank T. Mamat
  • Obtaining federal government work / Lori Ann Lange
  • Government bid protests / W. Samuel Niece and John W. Ralls
  • Avoiding common mistakes in government claims / Donald A. Tobin
  • Avoiding false claims on federal projects : contractor / William W. Thompson, Jr
  • Common issues in drafting international dispute resolution clauses / R. Carson Fisk
  • International arbitration rules and procedures / Wendy J. Earle and Matthew R. Alter
  • United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (1980) / E. Jane Sidnell
  • International corruption laws / Troy L. Harris
  • International discovery / John A. Vento
  • Pretrial discovery procedure in canadian litigation / Paul A. Ivanoff
  • Advising a foreign national doing business in the USA / Robert W. Wachsmuth
  • Service of process under the Hague Convention / George Anthony Smith and Stephen D. Butler
  • Taking a deposition in a foreign country / Lisa K. Virani
  • Bankruptcy considerations on the construction project / Fred D. Wilshusen
  • Responding to a catastrophic construction event / Jose M. Pienknagura
  • Time and schedule issues / John C. Livengood and Christopher R. Bryant
  • Contractor's delay and acceleration claims / Mark I. Anderson and Fred J. Bush
  • Owner's defense of delay and acceleration claims / Mark I. Anderson and Fred J. Bush
  • Representing the construction lender / Christopher S. Dunn