Principled sentencing : readings on theory and policy /

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Other Authors: Von Hirsch, Andrew, Ashworth, Andrew, Roberts, Julian V
Format: Book
Published: Oxford ; Portland, Or. : Hart, 2009
Edition:3rd ed
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245 0 0 |a Principled sentencing :  |b readings on theory and policy /  |c edited by Andrew von Hirsch, Andrew Ashworth and Julian Roberts 
250 |a 3rd ed 
260 |a Oxford ;  |a Portland, Or. :  |b Hart,  |c 2009 
300 |a xi, 389 p. ;  |c 25 cm 
500 |a Previous ed.: 1998 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0 0 |g Thedecline of the rehabilitative ideal /  |r Francis A. Allen --Empirical research relevant to sentencing frameworks : reform and rehabilitation /  |r Anthony Bottoms --Assessing the research on 'what works' /  |r Peter Raynor --Reaffirming rehabilitation /  |r Francis T. Cullen and Karen E. Gilbert --Should penal rehabilitationism be revived? /  |r Andrew von Hirsch and Lisa Maher --Studies of the impact of new harsh sentencing regimes /  |r A.N. Doob and C.M. Webster --Punishment and deterrence /  |r Jeremy Bentham --Deterrent sentencing as a crime prevention strategy /  |r Andrew von Hirsch, Anthony E. Bottoms, Elizabeth Burney and Per-Olot Wikström --Optimal sanctions : any upper limits? /  |r Richard Posner --Offenders' thought processes /  |r A.N. Doob and C.M. Webster --Incapacitation and "vivid danger" /  |r A.E. Bottoms and Roger Brownsword --Extending sentences for dangerousness : reflections on the Bottoms-Brownsword Model /  |r Andrew von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth --Incapacitation within limits /  |r Norval Morris --Predictive sentencing and selective incapacitation /  |r Andrew von Hirsch and Lila Kazemian --  |g Themoral worth of retribution /  |r Michael S. Moore --Proportionate sentences : a desert perspective /  |r Andrew von Hirsch --Punishment, retribution and communication /  |r R.A. Duff --Limiting retributivism /  |r Richard S. Frase --Seriousness, severity and the living standard /  |r Andrew von Hirsch --  |g Therecidivist premium : for and against /  |r Julian V. Roberts and Andrew von Hirsch --Conflicts as property /  |r Nils Christie --Restoration and retribution /  |r R.A. Duff --Reparation and retribution : are they reconcilable? /  |r Lucia Zedner --Normative constraints : principles of penality /  |r Jim Dignam --Restorative justice : an alternative to punishment or an alternative form of punishment? /  |r Gerry Johnstone --Specifying aims and limits for restorative justice : a 'making amends' model? /  |r Andrew von Hirsch, Andrew Ashworth and Clifford Shearing --  |g Thelimits of restorative justice /  |r Kathleen Daly --Lawlessness in sentencing /  |r Marvin Frankel --Techniques for reducing sentence disparity /  |r Andrew Ashworth --  |g TheSwedish sentencing law /  |r Andrew von Hirsch and Nils Jareborg --Sentencing policy development under the Minnesota sentencing guidelines /  |r Richard S. Frase --Institutional consistency : appeal court judgments /  |r Cyrus Tata --Criticisms of mandatory minimums /  |r Cassia Spohn --Sentencing information system (SIS) experiments /  |r Marc Miller --United Nations standard minimum rules for the administration of juvenile justice ("The Beijing Rule") --United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child --Rationales for distinctive penal policies for youth offenders /  |r Franklin E. Zimring --Reduced penalties for juveniles : the normative dimension /  |r Andrew von Hirsch --  |g Thetransformation of the American Juvenile Court /  |r Barry C. Feld --Restraining the use of custody for young offenders : the Canadian approach /  |r Nicholas Bala and Julian V. Roberts --Abandoning sentence discounts for guilty pleas /  |r Michael Tonry --Individualizing punishments /  |r Michael Tonry --Hanging judges and wayward mechanics : reply to Michael Tonry /  |r Ian Brownlee --Justice and difference /  |r Barbara A. Hudson 
650 0 |a Sentences (Criminal procedure) 
700 1 |a Von Hirsch, Andrew 
700 1 |a Ashworth, Andrew 
700 1 |a Roberts, Julian V 
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